Water Heater Savings: Tips for Every Filipino Household

Investing in a water heater is a fantastic solution to boosting your home’s practicality, comfort, and value. When purchasing a reliable unit, the first factor you might consider is the electric water heater price Philippines to cut costs. But is the upfront cost the only aspect you can save money on?

Besides looking at the shower heater price, there are many other ways you can make your shower heater more cost-effective. Follow our helpful tips below to enjoy significant savings on your brand-new appliance:

Turn the Thermostat Down

When using your new water heater, it might be tempting to raise the temperature on your unit’s thermostat to maximize its use. However, this might result in higher energy consumption, leading to a rise in electric bills.

You can save up to 3-5% on power bills by lowering your thermostat to around 50° Celsius. This temperature is hot enough for a comfortable bath or shower without eating too much electricity.

Choose to Go Tankless

Many will advise you to insulate your water heater’s tanks to prevent heat loss, the primary reason for increasing power consumption in the unit. But why settle for tank heaters when you can be more economical choosing tankless water heaters?

Unlike their traditional storage counterparts, tankless water heaters only heat water when the faucet or shower is turned on. This means it does not constantly use its heating elements to keep the water warm, only consuming energy when you need it.

Get the Right Size

When choosing a new water heater, it is paramount to get the right size for your household. Water heaters come in various sizes that suit a wide variety of properties and user counts, so be sure to understand which one you need.

A water heater that is too small for your household will cause it to overwork and use twice the power it usually needs, spiking your energy bills. Plus, the constantly running water will increase water consumption charges. 

We recommend getting a tankless multipoint water heater for homes with multiple residents. This type of heater can deliver a steady flow of hot water to different areas of the house simultaneously and economically.

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