Experiential Marketing: Its Definition and Benefits for Businesses

Today’s consumers are way brighter than before. Most research a specific brand first to learn if marketers only lure them. Whether businesses opt for traditional or digital marketing, advertisements are nothing to people who no longer fall to the mere act of persuasion.

Old media like newspapers, television, or radio are becoming irrelevant as customers turn to the web. However, online marketing tactics are also prone to ad fatigue – the feeling of disinterest and boredom when viewing business promotions. Internet ads go for naught as online users skip them without any intention of listening to their tailored messages. Others will even buy adblockers to eliminate commercials to make their web surfing experience stress-free.

Given such circumstances, companies look for alternatives. A second option worth the price yet capable of driving communities to take action and surpasses rhetoric.

What is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential marketing (EM) is a marketing campaign companies employ to provide a wholesome brand experience for customers. Its emphasis on the value of experience to engage consumers sets this marketing strategy apart from its likes.

EM is direct to the point. Besides, people can see the whole campaign from start to finish. It aims to create memorable and innovative customer experiences built on the active participation of consumers. It is a more interactive approach than traditional and digital marketing as this offers two-way communication between buyers and providers.

The best experiential marketing campaigns can establish rapport between staffers, the company, and consumers. EM humanizes the business as a face-to-face meet-and-greet with your customers looks more genuine and intimate. Personal interactions are imperative for gaining trust and building a positive image.

Why Invest in Experiential Marketing?

These are the benefits businesses could expect from giving EM campaigns a shot:

1. Achieve Brand Affinity

Entrepreneurship always comes with competition. With brands the same as you exist nearby, customers move from one store to another. You may take this to your advantage. Well, why not choose to retain them than go to another place? It is costly and impractical, especially if you are small-time.

Yet, you may retain them through live events and ensure their affinity towards your brand. EM gives consumers first-hand experiences of the product. These on-site activities are also an outlet to share your company’s vision, mission, and objectives, essential for generating sales. Gain access to the best performers by contacting a highly-rated talent buying agency.

2. Raise Brand Awareness

A perfect place, timing, and atmosphere are factors that leave a mark on people’s minds. Allow your customers to experience first the brand before doing a self-purchase. No other marketing strategies are more immersive than EM. Its fair and reasonable return of investment (ROI) speaks louder than the promise it vows to fulfill.

3. Get Media Coverage

Journalists and the media look for big scoops. Well-executed event campaigns are no strangers to the fourth estate, always searching for relevant beats to cover. Such favors the business as you may get featured in publications. Publicity means heightened popularity and credibility, which customers want. A positive brand image will most likely earn trust among online consumers.

4. Customer Analysis

Events are success metrics for businesses that deployed EM-based campaigns. Through marketing analytics, CEOs can learn the diverse set of attitudes, beliefs, and preferences of their customers. It is essential as comments can help organizers stage events for future campaigns.

5. Hone Word-of-Mouth Advertising

It is a natural tendency to share our feel-good experiences on social media like Facebook and Instagram or via word-of-mouth. Never underestimate the power of stories as it reaches a broader audience nowadays with technological platforms. As business owners, you must grab this opportunity to make your event more meaningful and relevant to the life of participants. Turn the simple gathering into a once in a lifetime extravaganza that people will miss and ask for a repeat.

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