Things You Didn’t Know About the COVID-19 Mutation

As the economy is slowly trying to get back its feet and the people laid-off of their jobs start to look for ways to answer for their needs, it makes me want to ask, “Where could a PCR test near me be?”, because as we all know, COVID-19 might still hang a little more while vaccines are on the rollout. It might take 2-3 more years before people worldwide get vaccinated.

Plus, discovering the new variants of the virus happened just before the end of 2020 and early 2021. Better safe than sorry, as they say.

The New COVID-19 Strains

People who love to travel would agree that traveling in 2021 became troublesome due to heightened health protocols that some tourists opt to take the manchester PCR test and wait for health certificates and present them to flight officials for proper documentation.

But the UK issued travel bans in early 2021 when the UK variant B.1.1.7 was reported as a new virus strain that could potentially harm the people. Following this event was discovering two other variants, namely, B.1.351 identified in South Africa and the P.1 variant that emerged in Brazil.

The Potential Harm

Virologists who currently observe the three new variants from the SARS-CoV-2 that created COVID-19 observed heightened transmissibility in the UK variant. In contrast, the South Africa variant is observed to be 50% more transmissible. As for the P.1 variant, health experts have yet to say that it is still too early.

More time is to be spent studying the viruses’ behavior. Still, the public is encouraged, especially travelers, to ask the question, “Where could I find fit to fly COVID test near me?” before going elsewhere. Continue following health protocols issued by governments as these viruses are unpredictable.

Find out more information in this infographic about the COVID-19 mutation.

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