Understanding diabetes on Aging Adults

Many people that are aware of their progressing age hope not to acquire any severe diseases, particularly diabetes, as it is common for older adults. What many do not realize is that diabetes not only affects the elderly, as children can also be affected.


It is a lifelong disease that will cause dreadful consequences should people fail to prevent or care for those who already have it. If an older loved one exhibits diabetes symptoms, it is best to consult with a doctor and immediately test blood sugar.


When a person has diabetes, an abnormally high glucose or sugar level will build up in the blood. The body of a diabetic person cannot produce and use insulin properly, which is a hormone responsible for converting sugar and other food into energy that humans need for life.


Hence, the risk is more significant for older adults considering the inevitable deterioration of health and age-related insulin resistance. In the United States, diabetes is considered the sixth leading cause of death, making it even more alarming.


There are three types of diabetes, namely: Type 1, Type 2, and Prediabetes. Type 1 usually early on, and it affects mainly people below thirty years of age. Type 2 is the most common form of the disease, and prediabetes is not yet considered diabetes and it could be reversed.


No one wants their elderly loved ones to suffer such a life-threatening complication. As such, understanding and keeping informed of the prevention techniques is imperative to combat the disease.  In cases where a family member is unable to give enough care and attention to their senior loved ones due to work settings and other reasons, seeking senior in-home care could be advisable.


Moreover, older diabetic patients need assistance as they have mobility and physical limitations. Aside from using aid for mobility such as wheelchairs or cane, they need help as they are at risk of falling, which is also detrimental to their health. They might also attend support group meetings with people who have the same disease. Socialization may be beneficial in their well-being, and interaction with other people might encourage them to fight on and strive to be healthy.


However, should family members be against sending their elderly loved ones away, they can prefer Hourly Caregivers Hamden CT, reliable for tasks such as meal preparations, diet plans, and taking medications.


Protect your loved ones from and be informed of prevention techniques in combating diabetes by reading this infographic by Euro-American Connections & Homecare.

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