3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Roller Door

Roller doors in Brisbane are designed to provide optimum security, privacy, and temperature regulation in garages. These doors are made using aluminium or steel, making them highly durable and rigid enough to withstand most damage.

But like any other property fixture, your roller door in Brisbane will sustain wear and tear. This will eventually lead to decreased performance and efficiency.

While roller doors were intended to be tough, there might come a time when you’ll need to replace them. Here are the signs yours need to go:

1. Obvious Damage

The aluminium or steel components of roller doors make them almost impenetrable. That does not mean, however, that they can last forever.

Multiple factors can cause your roller doors to lose their integrity over time. For instance, exposure to rain and sunlight can lead to corrosion, while powerful impacts or forced entry may bend or deform some slats.

Consider repairing your roller doors if you see obvious damage, such as rust or dents. A replacement may be in order if the damage is far beyond a regular maintenance routine.

2. Operating Issues

Another reason you may need to replace your roller door is that it is becoming hard to operate. This applies to both automated electric roller doors and traditional manual models.

A roller door that struggles to open or close indicates a significant internal problem. Faulty operations can lead to injuries to people and damage to vehicles. Also, a problematic roller door can malfunction, leaving your property vulnerable to break-ins.

Most operating issues are challenging to repair, so consider looking for sturdier new roller doors to ensure convenience and safety.

3. Age

Finally, if your roller door has been around for far longer than it should, consider retiring it.

An old roller door is highly likely to encounter operation and material integrity issues. Additionally, your roller door’s apparent age can drag the curb appeal of your property down, causing reduced value.

Newer technologies and designs have paved the way for better-performing roller doors. Innovation has made it easier to operate roller doors for residential or commercial use.Don’t stick to your outdated roller door; upgrade your garage today and get a quick quote from QLD Roller Shutters – Australia’s top manufacturer of roller doors and shutters three times stronger than the industry standard.

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