The Best Features of Instant Messaging Solutions for Businesses

If you are planning to make use of instant messaging solutions for your business, you need to take some time to evaluate the features of various solutions and select the best fit. Here are some of the top features of the instant messaging platforms to look for in your chosen option.

WeChat Work

WeChat is a free instant messaging application that can be downloaded for your Android or iPhone. It allows you to send and receive messages, make voice calls, and share images. You can also share your location with other users. If you are traveling internationally, you can use WeChat to communicate with your friends and family back home.

WeChat was created by the team at Tencent, a leading internet company in China. Prior to launching WeChat, Tencent had a strong user base on its desktop QQ messaging platform.

The WeChat team’s initial focus was creating a simple, easy-to-use mobile messaging app. They didn’t rely on traditional user research methods. Instead, they observed how people engaged in group conversations and built features around that.


Slack is a communication tool that can be used by individuals or teams. It allows users to connect with others on the go, share documents and media, and collaborate. In addition, Slack offers several options to help you organize your messages.

One of the main features of Slack is its ability to work with third-party applications. Currently, there are more than 48 third-party integrations available. Users can also use third-party services to handle audio chat.

While the free version of Slack only shows the last 10,000 messages, paid plans provide a much deeper search. For example, a paid user can search all of the messages that they have sent since joining the service. This is a handy feature if you have lost or misplaced any older messages.


Clariti is an organizational web app that is aimed at improving team communication. It offers a number of features, including a system-wide search and a plethora of file types.

In addition to providing a seamless interface for chats and email, Clariti’s content-rich subject chats eliminate many of the drawbacks of traditional messaging. This feature, accompanied by Claritree, which is a communication history tool, makes it easy to identify patterns in recorded interactions.

While other software products may offer similar features, it is the Clariti content-rich subject chats that stand out. These content-rich chats are designed to save time and prevent miscommunication. They are especially effective in instant messaging environments.


Google Hangouts is a communication tool that’s part of the G Suite package of products. It’s available for both desktop and mobile users, and works with any Gmail account.

As its name suggests, it’s a messaging app that lets you chat with people in your organization. You can invite others to join a conversation and create private chat rooms.

In addition to text messaging, you can also send and receive photos and links. And for a company that’s serious about communications, Hangouts has the ability to record meetings.

Another fun feature is that you can share your screen with others. And, if your team is spread out, you can set up group video conferences.

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