Safest Betting Markets for Beginner Sports Bettors

Sports betting gives people a thrill to watch sports and earn extra money. Since the pandemic, many sportsbooks have moved to online betting. If you are new to online sports betting in Malaysia, it is better to understand online sports’ basics and technicalities. It will help you attain the most secure and safest bet to win in gambling.

Furthermore, sportsbook betting Singapore is the right place to bet on a sports event. Each sportsbook includes a set of rules that constitute what is considered a winning bet. Knowing the betting types and the safest market can bring you betting success if you believe yourself to be a beginner bettor.

Safest Betting Markets for Rookie Bettors

Straight betting is known as ‘single’ betting since a bettor can only place a bet on one outcome. Among the types of betting, straight betting is the most popular and easy to understand. All you need to do is correctly assume that one wager’s outcome. Moreover, it offers a 50% chance of winning for bettors. Whether you have less knowledge or none, it is still possible to acquire a profitable return on your wager.

Single betting is one of the safest markets for a beginner. Despite lower pay-outs, it can provide you with profitable bets in the long term. Total line betting is another type of betting. You will need to place bets on a specific sum of the final score of a match. Punters are responsible for deciding if the two teams’ combined scores will exceed or fall below the numbers set by the sportsbook. Like single betting, total line betting is a safe market that lets gamblers bet on the game’s flow instead of the outcome. It allows the bettors to be flexible in their betting.

Another type of betting is handicap or point spread betting. It is where bookmakers provide conditions for a winning bet. Often, it is present in less balanced games where one team is favoured. Several sportsbooks offer this on sports like tennis, rugby, and golf. Lastly, the famous money bet is the simplest bet type for rookie bettors. While there is no point spread, you have the chance to select which team will win the game. Unlike other types of betting, the pay-out process in Moneyline betting is confusing. Hence, bettors should understand how to read Moneyline odds, including three different formats: American, decimal, and fractional odds.

To give you more information about the matter, read this infographic from 88ProAsia.

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