Reasons Why Your Bet was Cancelled by Your Sportsbook

As a general rule in any gambling game, once a bet is confirmed, it can no longer be withdrawn or cancelled. It is for this reason that your Singapore online sportsbook implements various confirmation steps to allow the bettor to verify all selections before committing to the bet. Only in very rare circumstances will a bettor be allowed to replace a bet.


However, the sportsbook reserves a right to cancel any outstanding wagers if the bettor broke any of its set out rules. The bettor can find this disclaimer in the terms and conditions that the bettor agrees upon when signing up. Various reasons could lead to a voided bet. One of the most notorious ones is betting on a cheated game.

Sportsbook Voiding Due to Suspicious Bets

One of the most illicit activities when it comes to sports betting and the sports industry is match-fixing. Match-fixing is the manipulation of the results of the elements or results of a sports match. As the outcome of a match is pre-determined, match-fixers can win a lot of money on their bets.


Examples of match-fixing may also include an arranged throw-in, penalty kick, corner, or yellow card. As of October 2021, Sportsradar Integrity Services detected more than 1,100 suspicious sports matches since April 2020. Betting-related match-fixings are largely arranged by an organized criminal group.


Even if the bettor did not directly participate in the act, it is nevertheless illegal if they bet on an outcome knowing it is fixed. The sportsbook can cancel a bet when they judged the match to be rigged. In addition, the participant may also be banned or prosecuted.

Other Reasons for Voided Bets

There are many more reasons why a sportsbook would cancel a Singapore sport bet. These include event postponement, posting of wrong market lines, and unavailable selection. Learn more about sportsbook bet cancellation in an infographic by 88Probet.

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