Website + SEO = Growth

An online presence is necessary for businesses to grow since operating without one effectively limits a business’s reach. It is even more important today as many people rely on the internet to look for the services they need, mainly due to the coronavirus pandemic keeping them at home.

Having only a website is not enough to be visible online, especially if it is already several years old and has not been updated since. Old websites usually contain dated information, irrelevant content, and broken links that effectively harm their rankings in the search engine results pages. Even people who visit the site by entering the web address directly on the address bar can have a hard time navigating through the old site’s web pages since they are not mobile-friendly.

Businesses must look for a reliable web development company in New Jersey to help develop their website and keep the features up-to-date. Businesses must also rely on a NJ SEO company to conduct a digital marketing campaign using search engine optimization techniques to rank and land on page one of the search engine results pages.

Search engine optimization involves creating content and using keywords to improve a website’s rankings. Many people looking for donuts and bagels in New Jersey will likely type in “donuts near me,” “tasty NJ donuts,” “local bagel shop,” and “best bagels in New Jersey.” Donut businesses in New Jersey must ensure that they are visible when people use such keywords to look for donuts, and SEO is the perfect tool.

Every business owner will want their website to end up on page one of the search engine results since most people already trust the first page to have the results they are seeking. Few people look at the second page, and fewer still check the other pages, so landing on page one is the ultimate goal.

To know more about the importance of a well-designed website and SEO for business growth, see this infographic by Landau Consulting.

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