Sun is known as the Yellow Dwarf Star. This luminary is the one that emits light and heat during the day since it has ultraviolet light, radio waves, and infra-red energy (blaze) that all gives off a stream of mites that reaches the Earth as the solar wind. 


According to research, approximately all the energy that the Earth is getting comes from the sun. The question is, where does the Yellow Dwarf Star receive its vigor?


Nuclear fusion occurs when two or more atoms combine to form one or more atomic nuclei and subatomic particles. This procedure is the primary source of the sun’s energy. The vitality has so much pressure because of the too much nuclear fusion that happens. The coalition causes this occurrence to elicit heat and photons (light). Both the thermal and illumination will eventually radiate on the outer regions, and Earth is one of those planets within the Solar System radar. 


The advantage of the sun’s radioactivity is it makes existence on Earth possible. Plants grow from rain, but mainly from the radioactivity that the Yellow Dwarf Star is giving. Without the plants, there wouldn’t be oxygen.


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