Travel Restrictions: Where Can I Travel

As of today, the travel restrictions are over for all passengers traveling to and from the United States on domestic flights and international flights. The only major travel ban still in place is regarding passengers traveling to Cuba. In other words, you still can’t take a trip to Cuba as a US citizen. But, you can’t just keep yourself out of it, either. There are plenty of great places to see in the island nation.

As of now, travelers must know the state of Texas’ mask law effective October 1st through November 6th. For tourists who will be entering Canada, it’s important to note that there are no federal or provincial travel restrictions. However, visitors need to know the province of Ontario’s mask law effective October 1st through November 6th. You can find out more here for updated information. As of now, there are no provincial travel restrictions affecting visitors to Mexico.

There is an important update about Canada’s Justin Trudeau government’s plan to legalize marijuana. The prime minister says that Canadians will be able to enjoy the cannabis industry without fear of raids and arrests. But, travelers shouldn’t expect any changes in how police enforce marijuana laws in Canada. That means that any time you’re traveling outside of your country, you should always consult the laws of your destination.

As of late, Mexico has been one of the most dangerous countries for tourists. Between October 1st and December 7th, three tourists were murdered in different parts of the country. Two of those tourists were found with massive blunt force trauma to their bodies. The third tourist was beaten to death in his home. Authorities have made arrests in both cases, but the exact identities of the suspects are not known. For this reason, the Department of Foreign Affairs has issued a variety of travel advisories since Juneau stating that tourists should take care when visiting Mexico and that there are certain Mexican laws that apply while in the country. For thyroid test kit, testosterone test UK, and Blood test at home, contact Harley Medic International.

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