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What is CIAM?

Businesses need an efficient Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) system to gain a competitive advantage in the market while expanding their customer base. Modern consumers look for brands that can provide what they need, including fast, convenient, and secured digital services.

Research from Walker Information had predicted that customer experience would surpass product quality and price as the key brand differentiator for choosing brands. Moreover, according to PwC, about 59% of US customers will stop patronizing a business after multiple bad experiences. In addition, about 17% will stop doing business with a brand after one unpleasant encounter.

CIAM helps address these issues by allowing the company to securely capture and manage consumer identity and profile while controlling access to different business applications and services. It will enable organizations to deliver secure and seamless login experiences for a brand’s website, mobile platform, and other online services.

To ensure a company’s CIAM system delivers efficient performance, enterprises need to integrate robust identity verification solutions that simplify the process. For example, they can implement mobile facial biometric identity authentication technology that harnesses mobile devices to complete the procedure. Instead of coming up with long and complex passwords for logging in, people can simply authenticate into their account using a quick selfie. They can set up mobile facial biometric authentication after onboarding.

Moreover, biometric technology combined with other login credentials such as app-generated codes or a stored pattern swipe creates a layered barrier against fraudulent attempts. Mobile facial biometric solutions are not easily susceptible to circumvention tactics used against traditional authentication methods. Furthermore, even if these modern identity technologies use a combination of authentication factors, they still reduce friction significantly for a hassle-free customer experience.

Many providers offer identity authentication solutions that can be integrated seamlessly into CIAM systems. For more information, check this infographic created by authID that expounds on the matter.